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  but do not give us enough oxygen, a little slope, they feel respiratory distress, Chest depression, continuous uphill three or four kilometers, the cold in the body of the wife, the reaction is particularly evident, even worn on the body for the cold jacket will make people feel overwhelmed. Alpine response like a shadow travel, how many beautiful because of our exhaustion and no time to take into account. As we work hard in the thin air we look forward to the car's presence on the road. When I was almost exhausted to 18 kilometers, I saw a mini-car approaching from Zayu. I was overjoyed and stopped at the center of the road and stopped it. I told you my intention and I would like to drive Tibetan boy looks older than his parents (20-year-old guy in Tibetan area, parents rarely over 50), we chartered and took us in the ancient glaciers. Wang driving a car called Wang, face rouge-colored plateau red, revealing the warmth of the sun, there is absolutely no impoverished are... [Details]